Hi! I’m Sharon Daley and I have recently retired from the CAF with 25+ years in the Air Force both as an Aircraft Technician and as a Logistics Officer. I am currently enrolled in the Technical Writer Program at Algonquin College, Ottawa. I enjoy all facets and techniques of technical writing. I consider myself a life long learner and what better way to use what I enjoy doing than to put it to use in this desirable field. I look forward to joining the ranks of professional technical writers soon.

I live in Ottawa and have a BA in Political Science from Saint Mary’s University, NS, and a MPA in Public Administration from Queen’s University, ON. I have deployed many times in my previous career and consider those experiences an alternative venue from the traditional learning environment. I love to travel and have been to 35 countries, all provinces and 2 territories of Canada. I have also lived in the UK and Israel and am looking forward to travelling safely again in the near future.

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Doing things simply sometimes is the best choice.

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