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Technical writing is not just about writing technical things,

but rather writing technically about many things. SD


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Grammar matters in whatever type of document you are writing or editing. However, knowing when and how to use the right style and tone of grammar for a information product is an vital part of any project. At the onset, it is important to discuss the tone and the style of grammar to be used.Continue reading “Grammar”

Visual Design

Creating visual design, whether it be graphs, pie charts, or images must contribute to the effectiveness of what you are trying to convey. For example, slices of a pie chart should total 100%. If the pie chart does not add up to 100% then the information becomes confusing for the reader and the audience. ItContinue reading “Visual Design”


An important aspect to remember when writing is who you are writing for. The audience or the user are most important participants to your content product. Even if you never see or meet them, knowing who your audience will likely be, will set you up for success. One way of determining your audience is byContinue reading “Audience”

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